EEE Umbau zum Amiga :)

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Yay amikit works on the EEE Pc.

Here is a guide on how to change the settings for the 800 x 480 screenmode.
1) First download and install amikit
2) Install roms and operating system with standard installer in 800 x 600 screenmode
3)Close amikit after instalation and the click on the amikit icon then click configure WinUAE then change the values to screenshot to the ones in the pic

save the settings to the winuae config u are using.
4) Load amikit and use fn + f6 to go to windows and use the Asus EEE Pc utility to change windows mode to LCD 800 x 600 (Do this if you need to move the amikit screen about)
5) Open Morpheuz and change the enviroment to Workbench

6) When amikit restarts open „amikit“ and then „prefs“ and select screenmode

save screenmode and exit
7) Then (still in the prefs folder) select „ShowAmiga96_prefs“ convert image to the settings on the picture below and save

8) Restart amikit and play away :D

Now it should look like this:

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